Calloway Heights Baptist Church

About Us

Our Beliefs

  • The Bible is the inspired word of God and is for the purpose of drawing mankind to a relationship with God by way of a new birth
  • It also teaches us how to conduct our lives when we are children of the true eternal God
  • God is the creator of the universe existing in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Three persons in one.
  • God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and sovereign
  • Jesus was conceived og the Holy Spirit in a Virgin. He died for mankind’s sin debt so we can stand before God justified when we accept His substitutionary death on our behalf
  • Jesus rose from the grave to prove victory over death
  • The Church exists as God’s people to win others into the kingdom for man’s salvation
  • As members of the local church, we are to support it with our time, talents, and finances for the glory of God in Jesus the Christ

We believe that every local church (and this local church in particular) exists for four primary purposes:

  • To EXALT the Lord Jesus Christ and Worship Him
  • To EVANGELIZE the lost through personal witness and the support of missions
  • To EDIFY (build up) one another through personal fellowship and discipleship (learning about Jesus)
  • To EQUIP one another for the work of ministry in Christ’s church

History of Calloway Heights Baptist Church. 1949 to 2023

Calloway Heights Baptist Church has been privileged to serve our Lords and community for the last 74 years. We began in the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Chandler on July 3 1949. The church has been affiliated with the Raleigh Baptist Association of the WV Baptist convention and the Northern Baptist convention on Nov. 6, 1949. The church disaffiliated with the American Baptist convention, and the WV Baptist in 1992 over doctrinal issues. And accepted affiliation with the Conservative Baptist association of America in June of 2002.

Since the groundbreaking of our original building on May 11 1952, our facilities have grown to include almost a whole block of beautiful property on Rural Acers Drive. A parsonage, and parking for over 150 vehicles, a sanctuary which can house up to 435 worshipers, and a fellowship/gymnasium, and youth facilities.

I have been a part of this congregation for 18 years, and Pastor here for the last year, and filling in for the previous year. I am looking forward as are our congregation to see where the Lord takes us in the future, and it is just as fun to look back on what the Lord has done for this church in the past.

Our congregation welcomes all who desire to worship with us, and are looking forward to seeing you with us soon.

Our present pastor, Mr. Kim Kirby, Senior Pastor. 2020 to present.

Our Former Pastors

Bill Horton, 2014 to 2020

Jeff Canterbury, 2007 to 2013

William Parker, 1981 to 2007

Stanley Ash, 1975 to 1980

William Messinger, 1970 to 1975

Boyd Sparks, 1966 to 1969

Robert Cobern, 1964 to 1966

Hilbert McClung, 1957 to 1963

B.L. Jones, 1949 to 1956

Our Former Youth Leaders

Meghan Williams, 2016 to 2018

Rob Hill, 2009 to 2014

Tim Mitchum, 2002 to 2009

C.H.B.C Officers and Committees for 2023


Dale Walker

Ed Hatfield

Robert Crews

Arnold Bolen

Jerry Shaffer

The pastor is an ex officio member of all boards and committees

Advisory Board

Church Clerk – Loretta Graham

Financial Sectary – Philip Mark Graham

Treasurer – Sheila Johnson

S.S. Super – Roger Sarrett

Chairperson of all Boards and Committees


Kim Kirby

Philip Mark Graham

Larry Williams


Ken Ewing

Jerry Shaffer

Philip Mark Graham

Dale Walker

Kim Kirby

Church Officers

Clerk – Loretta Graham

Asst. Clerk – Sheila Johnson

Treasurer – Sheila Johnson

Asst. Tres. – Lotus Bailes

Financial Secretary – Philip Mark Graham

Church Moderator – Pastor

Asst. Moderator – Chairman of Deacons

Evangelism Comm.

Charlotte Poole

Pat Ewing

Mary Hatfield

Baptism Comm.

Marvin Alfrey

Judy Alfrey

Finance Comm.

Philip Mark Graham

Karen Graham

Dale Walker

Sheila Johnson

Ken Ewing

Communion Comm.

Group A – Karen Goodwin, Charlotte Poole, Linda Day

Group B – Shelba Nickosion, Pat Ewing, Cathy Bolen

Bereavement Comm.

Flowers – Alma Lee

Food – Charlene Walker

Nursery Coordinator

Nursery Workers

Nominating Comm.

Charlene Walker

Fran DeFilippis

Charlotte Poole

Alma Lee