Calloway Heights Climbers

Today's youth face many "problems" throughout their daily lives.  It is difficult for our youth to keep their relationship with God.  The Youth Ministry at Calloway Heights Baptist Church is called the "Calloway Heights Climbers". It strives to help our youth with today's temptatations and problems. Devotions and fun activities are held which the youth can participate in and grow in their knowledge of the Lord as they fellowship together in His Name.



                                                                Praise Team

Calloway heights also has a Praise Team, open to all. The team praises God through their God-given gifts and their love of the Lord. Contemporary spiritual songs are sung which are centered always on Jesus Christ and which are meant to glorify Him and give Him all the praise.


Every fourth Saturday of each month, the youth gets together to do an activity whether it be something as simple as a movie or something as adventurous as horseback riding. Come join our youth group on Sunday nights from 6 to 7 as we learn about God and his journey to be able to join our events throughout the upcoming years.