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08/06/2017Pastor Bill Horton We Have a King (06062017pm.mp3)
Sunday PM Judges 2:11-23
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07/30/2017Pastor Bill Horton The Fruit of the Spirit--Love, Joy, Peace (07302017am.mp3)
Sunday AM Galatians 5:16-25
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07/23/2017Pastor Bill Horton The Filling of the Holy Spirit (07262017w.mp3)
Wednesday Night Isaiah Chapters 13-14
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07/19/2017Pastor Bill Horton Lesson 15: the Judgement of Babylon (07192017wed.mp3)
Wednesday Night
Download 07192017wed.mp3
07/19/2017Pastor Bill Horton Fire on the Mountain: The Whisper of God (07192017wed(1).mp3)
Wednesday Night
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07/16/2017Pastor Bill Horton Give it to God (07162017pm.mp3)
Sunday PM 2 Kings 19:9-19
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