Prayer and Bereavement Ministry

Each of us has a difficult season in our lives.  We each know the power of prayer. Do you have a prayer request you would like for the congregation at Calloway Heights Baptist Church to help you pray?  One of our ministries in the Prayer Request Line.    If you have a prayer request, please call 304 237-4572. Prayer requests will be updated and a message sent each day at 5:00 pm. In the event of an emercency situation, the message wil be sent immediately.  A message will be sent to the members of the prayer change to help you or loved ones through this stressful time. In addition if you would like your name added to the Prayer Chain List please see Vickie Aliff.


Calloway Heights Baptist Church one-call system is now in place.  A test was sent to those on the list last week.  The caller ID number that will show on your phone will now say Calloway Heights Baptist Church. You do have the option of receiving text messages.  You must reply to the first message you received in order to activate this option.  The system will call you between the hours of 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM until a machine or a person picks up the message. 


Church members -- If you have a death in your family, please contact Charlene Walker if you would like the Bereavement committee to provide a meal for you family and guests after the funeral service.  Please contact Alma Lee and discuss the donation of the church of flowers or a Bible.